And to think that I started this thinking I’d be really regular with it. Turns out I’ve not been. Sure, I was out of town for 5 days. But what about the other 5? Don’t really have a good answer.

I get up in the mornings, and lately I’ve been getting up later and tireder than normal. Then I don’t get on here from work. Then afterwards I get home and I never get to it. But it’s going to change…alright, it’s going to change!

Of course I’ll still be in and out of town for the summer. Good times. Good times.

But here’s a quick overview of my last handful of days:

  • Went to Panama City Beach for Big Stuf camps. Had a fantastic trip with an entirely new group of kids. It was wierd at first, but still seemed so right. Stuart Hall and Louie Giglio were the stuff! Louie spoke on God’s big picture and global missions. More on that later
  • I think we’ve bought a house. We’ve got a contract on it and all that. It’s a good house. Not perfect though. But something we can start with for sure. Probably end with too unless we get rich somehow.
  • I have an MP3 player now. I guess it’s really a digital audio player because it plays more than mp3’s. But it’s given me some issues. But I think they’re resolved. Better happen soon or my 30 days take back guarantee at Circuit City might expire.
  • I want to start watching LOSTfrom ABC. Really wanted to watch it when it started, but 7pm on Wednesdays prevented that. I saw Episode 2 the other night. Caught Ep 3 from the internet. Now I just gotta keep up. By the same guy who does Alias. So it’s weird/cool sorta stuff.
  • I have a CDL again. Shhhh. Don’t tell anyone. If you don’t know what that is, good! I want to lose it now.
  • Dad’s coming in tonight. Should be an interesting weekend.

Anyway, that’s a quick smorgasboard. But I aim and intend to be much more frequent with this. Too bad no one knows about it just yet. But I need to get a new theme to this one as well. Shouldn’t be too hard or bad. I’ve got a few free themes ready to upload and tweak at a moments notice. But it will come in due time.