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Being a dad

Being a dad isn’t really all that easy. So many times it’s fun though. But it sure can be frustrating too. You watch other kids act up and other parents do their thing. You take your cues and hints from them: do it like this, but not like that sort of thing. But when you try to put your own game plan into place, it never seems to work out just perfectly.

Sometimes it goes surprisingly well. Othertimes it seems that nothing works at all.

But I do think my four year old (freshly four) is better acting than most kids, but still can be a little unruley sometimes. Or whiney. Why does a whine bother me so much? Probably because I used to be so great at whining too. And now I guess she is. I’m not a “fan” of corporal punishment”, but will use it. Some frown at that, but oh well. She understands a good pop from a paint stirring stick.

The other weekend we had some friends to stay with us from out of town. Nineteen month old boy. Was a good boy, but would fuss sometimes to no end. Didn’t want to eat that?, “whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” Didn’t want to come away from the sliding door?, “Whaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Something in the universe didn’t go he way?, “Whhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!” And not a long, punctuated WHA!, but a 5 minute one. I mean, c’mon, pop that kid!

I guess I see it as giving them some vitamins now so they don’t have to take their medicine later, if you know what I mean. Some people would say we’re too strict. Some would say we’re too loose. I guess it’s all relative. But I do want to be the best dad possible to my two kids.

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  1. jeremy

    It is difficult but fun. I like to believe ours is more well behaved than most as well and am often told that by children’s workers… But man, nothing is more annoying and frustrating than when she whines! I can’t STAND it… it’s hard not to be short with her unfairly sometimes because i’m EXPECTING a whine even when she has a legitimate question…

    Anyway. maybe both of us were just lucky on the first one…

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