Like I was saying....

During the day I’ll think countless times “I’ll write something about this on,” but then I forget about it by the time I’m infront of a computer. So that’s why no real update yesterday. I guess I’m still trying to find my “blogging voice”, if you know what I mean. There are different types, you know. I know some that just put out links to other stories that the author finds interesting. Not much commentary, just “Hey, check this out” and a link. Others seem to focus on a particular theme or topic of the author’s life (politics, partying, preaching, pets, parenthood, pessimism, pretty girls, physical fitness, personal journals.) And there are some that are just a daily diary of what someone did that day (“I went to Wal-Mart and saw my cousin there. She’s gained weight. Then I went home and watched the Little House on the Prarie marathon for 6 hours…”)

So what will mine be? Who knows? I bet that it will grow and mature at a rate all its own and eventually find a voice that’s a combination of all of the above (minus the Little House on the Prarie.) But now the question is how personal can I get on here. Not deep dark secrets. But if I have a frustration with someone and write about it, what if they happen to read it? If if I have a gripe with my work place, what if a coworker or boss reads about it? What if a family member has really been getting on my nerves and they read about it? You see? Anyway, I’m still green at this…I’ll figure it out.


  1. giddy

    If it is a legitimate complaint, does it matter who reads it? P.S. How understanding IS your boss?

  2. Jake

    Ever watch Leave it to Beaver?
    Now there is a show! I love it.

  3. Jay

    I struggle with how much to write as well. I will write anything about myself, but I tend to mask it if it is about others. My site is linked off of the church site with a link, so I can't blast people, but I feel fine with critizing things that happen (or don't happen) in our church.

    I wouldn't feel right speaking bad of someone even if this was a more private blog. I guess I just want to show the "real me" in my blog. Glimpses of what I am thinking.

  4. yafreax

    i think if you dont tell us all your deep dark secrets and tell us everything you hate about everyone and gossip as much as possible then you are not doing your Christian duty!

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