Like I was saying....

The past few days were a little busy, but here we are now.

A few news stories that have caught my eye:

Hiker Cuts Off Arm
This guy’s hiking through the Rocky Mountains on Saturday. He has a big stinking bolder fall on his arm, pinning him down. So he lies there. And he lies there. And he lies there some more. He runs out of water on Tuesday (after laying there with a big honking rock on his arm). On Thursday he realizes he needs to do something or he’s going to die. So he pulls out his pocket knife and amputates his arm below the elbow. Hear me again, a pocket knife!

So he lay there free from the bolder til help came, right? No, he fixed some anchors in a cliff wall, and then rappelled 60 down the face of the cliff with one arm!

Some rescuers found him later and he said he wanted some water. Read the story. It’s amazing. The guy is a stud.

Are Coaches Really This Dumb?

Are Larry Eustachy and Mike Price really this stupid? I mean really? Will the players respect curfew or substance abuse issues now?

Here’s a funny picture that makes me laugh about these two.


  1. rick

    great cartoon – and it *has* been a whacky week of news… wonder how many offbeat stories were glossed over while war coverage was going on 24/7?

  2. giddy

    I think I am in "Friday Five" withdrawal.

  3. yafreax

    what's ridiculous is that eustachy will probably keep his job. . . crazy story about the guy amputating his arm… did you hear the story about the weightlifter yet?… now that is a crazy story…

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