Like I was saying....

Rain, rain go away

More big rain came through tonight. Not as bad as last night though. Last night there was a huge lake where my back yard used to be. My phones got staticy at one point in the evening, then quit working all together. We went to bed, but then the phone rang at 11:30 (hey, it worked again!) and it was my step-dad telling me to get to a safe place in the house that there was a tornado nearby. So I get up to look at the news on tv. They say there’s one a few miles away moving pretty close.

I’m thinking of getting the baby and wife up…then the power goes out. So I stumble around in the dark looking the one flashlight in the entire house that has batteries…can’t find it. So I dig through dark doors in the pitch black for matches…but can’t find them. But it’s lightning enough to see my house in strobe effect.

My wife stumbles into where I am asking what I’m doing. I tell her I’m on a fruitless search for a light source. But we begin to hear a little hail hitting the roof now. So we get the kid out of bed and the dog who is hyper sensitive to weather and all cram in the bathroom…in the pitch black dark. Now I’m not one to really get worried about the weather much. But I did say some prayers. It was hailing pretty good and I know that they’re sometimes precursors of tornados. There has been a handful of tornados in our part of the state already that night. And we’d seen on tv the dozens of deaths from tornados in the previous 48 hours.

But after about 10-15 minutes it all passed, power back on, and back to bed. The baby never woke up; just slept in my arms. But the phone lines are still filled with static. Hopefully Bellsouth will fix that in the next day or so. But it’s preventing me from getting online from home right now.


  1. Darren

    wow…thats scary stuff…glad we dont have tornadoes like that here where I'm living. Hope there's no more for you guys!

  2. Rhonda

    Now there is a true sign that you live in the South . . . the phones go out in the rain. LOL!!!

  3. yafreax

    i used to think big weather was really really cool… especially in texas… the sky would turn strange colors and we could sit there and watch the tornados start to develop, slowly rotating as it passed over us… very cool stuff…

    then i got a wife and a kid and it's quite a bit different now. Like you, doesnt really get me scared or nervous or anything, but it gets both of them riled up, so my attitude had to change about the big weather to more of "the protector" or whatever… anyway, if form holds true we'll be sending you another storm soon. Our fourth threat of tornado just came through last night … well, looking at the weather underground page, looks like you guys are still gettin it… well, enjoy.

  4. giddy

    I rode one out in the hall closet this morning. I was equipped with the requisite flashlight, a portable and a cell phone, pillows, a comforter, a bottle of water, a bag of snacks and a dog who, when it really got rough, tried to climb me like a ladder.

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