When we realized we were moving to Clinton, one of the things we hoped for was a group of people close to our age and close to our “time in life” that we could identify with and bond with. In Amory it seemed that we just didn’t have that. All our friends that lived in town were either teenagers or parents of teenagers. Now that’s a good thing, on some accounts, but we longed for more.

It happened here. Started as an idea a friend and I tossed around. We invited two other couples, then a 5th joined us. So now we’ve got a regular Bible study of 5 couples that meets weekly. Our first regular study was one on Communication in Marriage. It was something I know The Wife and I need to improve upon in our marriage, but hey, who doesn’t? Right?

But I must admit that while going through the study, it seems our communication was tested pretty firmly. Little things would cause conflict and we’d both blow things out of proportion. It seems that Satan was testing us in the very area we were seeking to improve upon. But one thing we did take away from it all is that conflict and miscommunication is normal. It’s pretty common. But that God’s grace and mercy are so much more powerful. But we, as husbands and wives, need to embrace that mercy/grace instead of reveling in our pride and desire to “be right.” That’s a biggie. One that I struggle with. Especially even after everythings been smoothed over and I still think I’m “right” most of the time.

I truly don’t see how a marriage can really work out w/o God being involved in it.