Like I was saying....

9.5 point underdogs?

Yep. Mississippi State is the first SEC team ever to play UAB at their place. And I bet we are also the first SEC team they’ve ever played where they are a favorite. An almost double digit favorite at that.

MSU is sucking. Sorry if you don’t like that word. But it’s the truth. South Carolina shut us out. Sad but true. But not many people really expected the Bulldogs to win that one. Auburn shut us out. No one expected us to win that one either. But shouldn’t we have at least scored some how in the first 2 games? Somehow!?

Then Tulane came into our place. Tulane who hasn’t played a home game in like 15 or something games. Tulane who almost quit playing football after Hurricane Katrina decimated their campus. Tulane who let Houston put up over 600 yards the week before on them. So all us Maroon and White fans were expecting a win. Expecting a rousing win. Expecting to be able to hang our heads high after a win where our offense got on track, scored many points, put up many yards, and was able to joke w/ each other on the sidelines.

But Tulane drove down the field their first possession and kept doing it. To the tune of 32-7 in the 4th quarter. Then our offense finally got on track. New QB helped that. But we put up some quick scores and still lost. 0-3 is what we are. And now we’re supposed to lose to the Blazers of Alabama-Birmingham.  Go MSU!

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  1. Rick

    Shut out by the Gamecocks?!? Wow, that is bad. Wait – I’m a Gamecock fan. Now that most everyone is off suspension, I’m actually holding out hope that we’ll score against Auburn next Thursday. We’ll see.

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