Today was our 2nd soccer game of the young season. There are five girls on our team, but two of them were out of town. One was watching Auburn smack Buffalo around, the other was at her mothers. So we had a team of three girls to take on five. Only three are on the field at once, but still….we had no subs. And 4 and 5 year old girls like to rest.

Anyhow, I was expecting to get drummed a little. Turns out the coach was at Auburn too, so I had the joy of filling in. Last year I filled in a time or two, but didn’t really care for it. Didn’t think I was that good and didn’t get into it.

But today, for some reason, I liked it. The three girls paid more than half attention to what was going on! That is a victory w/ this age. But I realized that getting down on their level, talking through each detail, and physically placing them where to start was a huge success. They had fun too. Give them TONS of encouragement I learned. And tons of Gatorade.

But I had fun coaching today. And I’d still say that even if we hadn’t won! (wink) But maybe I can drop this league directors stuff and just coach a team next time.