I don’t go to the movies as much as I’d like. And I have a decent theater about less than 2 miles from my house. But here are a few upcoming movies I want to see.

This one, 01-18-08, looks good. The trailer doesn’t show you much. But it’s pretty much the launch pad for the movie. Seems viral marketing is going to take this one by storm. There’s not even any title of the movie given. Only that it’s made by JJ Abrams (who I’ve loved from Alias and LOST). Is is a new Godzilla? Is it related to LOST? Who knows…? But I’ll watch it.

The new Get Smart movie. I used to watch these back in the day. And now Steve Carell playing Maxwell Smart? Can you say genius? And Anne Hathaway as Agent 99? The Rock as Agent 23 (whoever A23 is). Good times.

Rush Hour 3 …. nuf said. These guys crack me up even when the plot seems to start stalling.

And of course I’ll need to carry the wife to No Reservations.

But still, I’m wanting to see Transformers and the new Die Hard.