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Blast From The Past :: Dog Bites

If you’ve read my blog for a couple of years (back when it had a different name) you might remember these pictures from when my grandmother’s dog bit my oldest daughter.

First bite

Dog Bite 2

The first one was the next day after, and the 2nd one was a few days later…there are still a few scars if you really look for them.

Well, it seems that history repeats itself in certain ways. Last night Kid #2 got bit. And this was a good one too. But we were actually there to see this one go down and all.

Ella Bitten part one Ella Bitten part two

Anyway, we called the clinic and they said that unless it was gapping or pulled apart, that it probably didn’t need any stitches. So we waited. Last night it looked “not good” but not really that bad. But this morning it looked bad. I took her to the doctor and they said they eye is fine, no stitches were needed. But that it might be a little infected.

Expect swelling and bruising too. But Ella is a trooper. She got bit, and after the initial drama was over, she was ready to go get a hotdog. And today  she’s not complained at all about it. So now we play the waiting game to where it turns all bruised looking and The Wife and I get curious glances in the grocery store.


  1. g

    You don’t know how seeing these pics makes me feel in my chest and stomach. Infection-wise, keep a close eye on it. Really close to that eyeball and to her brain.

    Poor baby. Healing prayers from Giddy.

  2. pat

    that’s what you get for letting your kids hang out at michael vick’s house.

  3. Blake

    @g – Thanks for the prayers. She’s still in bed so I’m not sure how it looks for this 2nd morning yet.
    @pat – Vick’s dogs are PitBulls. Both of these bites were from little dogs w/ long bodies. Little family pets….

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