Like I was saying....

A little “tinkle” in the ear?

The Pink Eye was a false alarm. Turns out it was some sort of bacterial thing that caused her eyes to be red and also an ear ache. So just an oral antibiotic should clear it all up. So now I can go back to not washing my hands and rubbing my eyes all the time.

But I wanted to share a little “home remedy” I found online for an earache. It seems there are plenty of things that some people say SHOULD work, but who knows if they really will or not. There are actually a few I’d try. But not sure about this one:

Now, this may be repulsive to many, but I learned this from some back country folks, and it does work. I have tried it on more than one occasion. Tinkle in a cup, and using your own urine, and with the help of a fearless friend, pour it while still warm in the offending ear. Leave it in for three or four minutes, and the ear ache will be gone. I know, it sounds icky, but it truly works.

Dec 04, 2005
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Now I’m not sure I have a fearless friend who is willing to pour my warm urine into my hurting ear. BUT…four days later this next reply comes:

I would like to confirm what Barbara says about the “tinkling” to cure an earache. While I was working in a factory years ago, a lady told me the same thing. She also said that it had to be the person’s own tinkle. She said she used this method for her children.

Dec 08, 2005
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Now there is no way I’d be able to convince my 6 year old to pee in a cup, lay down quickly, and let me pour it in her ear!

Would you try it?


  1. g

    If I were in a desperate (in addition to painful) situation, I might try it, but I would do it with no help from a friend.

    I suppose that one never knows what one is capable of until certain situations occur.

  2. j-dub

    That doesn’t sound healthy. But i will say while Fraud Bear something from Man vs Wild encourages people to drink their urine in a desperate situation… The true survivor man Les Stroud shows how to distill and purify urine so you are only drinking what amounts to pure H20…

    I know its not really related…

    But back to the subject at hand… i would be more than willing to pee on a jellyfish sting or something external like that, but to pour urine in your ear is ridiculous… maybe it hurts so bad becuase you have a cut or open wound and i dont think urine in an open wound is good for you.

  3. pat

    I hear it works for strep throat too.

  4. g

    I think an ear might be as far as I could go with the “tinkle”.

    FYI: Supposedly, urine is sterile until it is exposed to air. When babies are born among the Eskimos, their eyes are wiped out with their own first tinkle.

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