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Here in the District

As I sit in my darkened hotel room in the shadow of the US Capitol, I’m watching MSU get embarrassed on a national stage by LSU. I was optimistic about the year. Even after the first half I thought we were “okay”. But I’m crushed right now… but anyhow.

We made it out of Jackson this morning, a layover in ATL, and now we’re in the heart of our nation’s capital. When I told my mom we were coming for a brief vacation here, her response was, “Why?” I guess it is because we thought about the massive amounts of history and heritage here. Plus there are some cool things here as well. Today we had an outside glimpse at a few.

After making it to our hotel we caught our breath and took a quick walk around. We saw many things from afar while afoot: the Capitol, the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial, the Reflecting Pool, and lots of governmental buildings that make you say, “Oh, so that’s where that is”, but you don’t have a big desire to look in there.

We did swing through Union Station. We’ll want to go back and spend a little bit of time in there later. That’s also where we’ll be going to church later. Then we met up with David Russell of National Community Church over at Ebeneezer’s Coffee House. He gave us a quick tour of the offices and then a ride back to the hotel. Super nice guy.

Then we came back to watch SEC Football and The US Open. Now I’m going to read a bit before snoozing. But tomorrow should be a day of walking around in the sun, taking pictures of stuff, and sweating a good bit. Check back later…there should be an update.


  1. g

    That trip is beginning to sound kinda cool. Y’all have fun, but don’t forget to relax while you are there.

  2. pat

    interesting (depressing) stats from

    since Mississippi State’s last win in 1999, LSU has outscored the Bulldogs 340-81, including three shutouts by 42 or more points.

    Mississippi State has lost 12 straight games to Top 10 opponents and 11 of its last 13 home games.

    I remembered something about DC this morning. When I went, I spent a lot of time in the Smithsonian. You should check that out. It’s free.

  3. Blake

    I just got out of bed and it’s about 9:30 here. The nice thick curtains made me think it was still maybe 6 something. So now it’s time to start the day w/ my free USA Today at my door. We’ll see what today brings.

    @pat- That’s a stop we’d planned. I think today will be a quick blitz w/ the next 2 days being time to go back through and revisit places we want to spend a little more time.

    @g- For me, sometimes being busy doing what you want to do can be a form of rest. But still…sometimes what I want to do is lay around and read a book or watch football too. So all will be good. No worries.

  4. jeremy

    which part of MSU excited you most?

    The 6 interceptions?
    or The 10 rushing yards?

    I’d have to say 10 rushings yards isn’t that bad when you consider the sacks that are taken into account… The running backs did manage 41 yards… on 18 attempts… hey, 2.5 yds per carry is great.

  5. g

    I even wore my pajama pants with bulldogs (and dachshunds – grrrrr), but then LSU was #2 in the nation, right?

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