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A Little Wager

Seems Rick from over at Rick1J13is getting pretty cocky about his Gamecocks. He thinks that since they’re ranked somewhere around #24 in the country that they can hang with the Mighty, Mighty Bulldogs (soon to be #6 in the country, I might add.) While in all honesty, I do think that this might be the most difficult game left on our schedule, I was still condifent enough to make a wager with him…non-monetary, of course.

The loser of Wednesday night’s game (that means RICK) will have to show the team logo of the opponents teams (The Bulldogs) on his blog until his team wins again. So you know that I know have more of an interest in the game than before. Sadly, it will not be on television. And I have multiple church duties on
Wednesday nights. But Rick has the game being played his own back yard (Columbia) and isnt’ sure he’s going to go. Some fan he is…heh heh.

Good luck, my friend.


  1. rick

    got tickets – let the bloodletting begin… in a good gamecock way.

  2. lj

    let me know when either of those teams plays a real team…like in the ACC.

    go tarheels.

  3. rick

    a real team? in the acc? a real team that's not duke? is there one? 🙂

    comparison shopping – playing at littlejohn coliseum:
    * USC 76 – Clemson 61
    * UNC 72 – Clemson 81

    … isn't clemson in the acc?

  4. lj

    did clemson happen to hit 11 of 13 three pointers in that game too?
    I didn't think so.
    Everyone shows up to hit 50 footers from between their legs when they play UNC.
    We'll talk in march when usc goes one and out like all the other sec teams.
    Look at how many ranked teams usc plays compared to unc.
    are you mad yet?
    Go heels!

  5. rick

    no, clemson didn't shoot that well – they were playing USC, not the 'heels… we beat nc state, too – so we're undefeated against ACC competition thus far.

    as for mad – very, in a $%&**$ kind of way after tonite's game. thanks for asking.

  6. lj

    actually state is a tough team this year. much more than people thought.

    sorry about the game. unc not too good in OT this year either.

  7. Blake

    Wow…freaky game tonight. Thought it was over, then we came back, then thought it was over, then we sent it to OT.

    Then our sucky FT shooting wasn't as sucky as USC's.

    Hey, LJ, glad you noticed that MSU's not doing so bad this year. 20-1 is a pretty good record. Now if we can just win @ Bud Walton this weekend.

  8. rick

    still reeling – best line from our coach after game: "i don't know if we're too young to win a game like that, if we're not good enough to win a game like that". really looked like all the spark was gone after going up by 12 – and then yeah, got real sucky att he FT line.

    always next year – of course, home game for you then. dang. 🙂

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