Like I was saying....

A Quick Braindump

  • Living in a house of your own is quite nice.
  • I want a lawnmower that you stand up behind, but it’s still a riding mower.
  • I can get most places around Oxford in ten minutes from my house.
  • There are no street lights in my neighborhood so you can see stars fairly well at night.
  • I have a clear shower door in my new bathroom. It’s across from a mirror. Taking a shower now makes me want to eat more healthy.
  • I’m going to start running w/in the week. Bank on it.
  • I’m going to learn Photoshop.
  • I’m going to get a camera (and maybe a computer) soon.
  • I like meeting new people.
  • But I’m not that great at remembering names.
  • Oxford has a lot of good restaurants to eat in…lots. But a lot of good gas stations too.
  • Google Analytics is cool.
  • I wish I could get it to work w/ a .mac site.
  • My dog hasn’t tried to dig out of our back yard here. He better not. I’ll not chase him down.
  • June is HOT.
  • I miss BigStuf.
  • That’s it for tonight.

1 Comment

  1. Emily

    I like the braindump style. Some thoughts.
    -I miss my house.
    -I miss Oxford.
    -Stars are different here.
    -I miss food in Oxford.
    -Heck, I miss anything that isn’t beans.
    -I’m excited about the new camera/computer. Awesome.
    -June in MS. Yeah, I’ll miss that this year.

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