Like I was saying....

A tale of two candles

A little while back I was listening to Kidd Kraddick in the Morning on the radio and they were talking about a product they’d heard of called the Ear Candle. They had someone there in the studio who was going to use the product. You stick a hollow candle in your ear, light it up, and it creates a vaccuum and pulls the ear wax and “junk” out of your ear. It’s a cleaning type of procedure. And they have a website as well. Sounds interesting.

But they also mentioned another type of candle. You can check out it’s website too and let me know if you think it’s legit or not. It’s mighty funny either way. But I ain’t trying it out any time soon!


  1. anonymous for the sa

    i think i'm a fire hazard according to the faq on the second link….

  2. Sardtok

    Well, I've heard of ear candles used for treatment of ear infections…
    BuTT never have I heard of a butt candle… 😉

  3. Elizabeth

    Um, how shall I put this? … Eewwww!

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