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Relevant Magazine

After a few recommendations I sent my $$ in yesterday to subscribe to Relevant Magazine. Looks like it could be a very fine read. Here is what they say they are about:

RELEVANTMAGAZINE.COM is a daily updated website covering God, life and progressive culture. It is the online companion to the groundbreaking RELEVANT MAGAZINE (the print version). Both discuss faith, career, relationships, music — basically everything we’re into — from an intelligent, fresh perspective. They get beneath the surface and ask the questions no one else is asking. In style, substance and focus, there’s nothing like RELEVANT.

And this is who they are:
We’re twentysomething Christians. We want to break stereotypes, challenge status quo and enact change through the media. We’re seeking God, living life and striving to impact the world around us. It’s pretty simple, really.

If you get the chance, be sure to spend a little time on their website and let me know what you think…there’s some challenging stuff on there, and some things that make you think as well. When I get my issue in the mail, I’ll get back with you as well.


  1. rick

    you're gonna like it, blake. i don't remember who pointed me there last year, but i was on board early for the new print magazine, and it was worth it. best site i've found as far as having balanced content and keeping current (new slices everyday, good artciles online fairly regularly, etc).

    can you tell i like it? peace – rick

  2. Blake

    I'm looking forward to it. I've also liked looking aroud too. I'm sure you've looked at it too, huh?

  3. Jay

    I like Relevant and The Ooze websites. I cruise them both often and usually find good stuff to reflect on in my blog.

  4. rick

    yeah – it was probably some post at theOOZE that pointed me over there in the first place. relevant mag is coming from cameron strang – his dad runs charisma magazine stuff, a fairly straightforward charismatic but still balanced magazine. but relevant's way different. i'm still chewing on the first issue, and the second's coming soon.

  5. Blake

    I remember hearing Barry St. Claire talk about a kid he used to have in his youth group. The kid was really searching spiritually and looking to try out different religions. Was looking at Judaism and some others. Barry begin to disciple the guy and he ended his search with Jesus. Now, this young man is the editor or something like that of Charisma Mag…David Lee is his name, I think.

  6. rick

    #1 – was it lee grady, the kid discipled by barry st. clair? grady's very hip and very cool and very balanced in his approach to what's usually very divisive smong denom's (my biggest memory is from one of st. clair's discipleship book, a place on the bodyof Christ, where there's a picture of a foot and the big toe with a face: "I'M A BIG TOE!" – classic)

    #2 – second issue of RELEVANTMAG came in the mail today – woo hoo!

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