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Advent Conspiracy

The last few Christmases have been kinda weird. I guess it’s sorta the same as it’s always been. But the last minute rushing around trying to find a few presents for people that you hardly ever see. Presents that you know they probably won’t like, but you gotta check their name off the list. And you know there are people somewhere checking your name off a list getting something they don’t really think you’ll like (and you’re not expecting fireworks when you open that box either.)

But Rick McKinley and friends up at Imago Dei in Portland came up with Advent Conspiracy. Seems intriguing:

 “What if this Christmas your family, your friends, your church entered the story of Christmas and celebrated the birth of Christ in a way that was accurate, prophetic and transformative personally and globally. Could this baby that was born over 2000 years ago lead to something that dramatic today? We think so.

What if Jesus came to earth today? Would it change the way we celebrated his birth? Would we still be overwhelmed by holiday consumerism? Would we continue to be content to just sing about him on Sunday and shop for ourselves throughout the week? Would it still be simply a nice story of the birth of God among us? Or would it radically change the way the church lived out the reign of God among us in a consumeristic culture?”

Very interested to see what comes of this.
(ht to Sikora)


  1. g

    IMO, if Jesus came to earth today, it would radically change a lot of things.

    What I don’t understand is why people who don’t believe in Jesus / God celebrate Christmas at all.

  2. steve

    I agree wth g. Things would be radically changed.
    Interestingly enough, we “Christians” hold fast to festivals/feasts that are man-made but we don’t celebrate the “feasts” that God instructed to those who are His as mentioned in the O.T.

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