Like I was saying....

Pizza, puke, and Prison Break

::Three down and hopefully none to go::

Saturday night the Fam went to eat at Mazzio’s Pizza. It’s a pretty good place to eat and you can get some food w/o feeling gouged when you leave. We ordered and took our number and cups to the table. I got everyone’s drink and went back to the table. So then The Wife went to make her salad. I got a text message and while I was looking at my phone I started getting wet. But where was there any water coming from?

It was just to my left as Addie was vomiting all across our table. She’d not complained or said she felt bad or anything. But it all came out in a few waves. But even between waves she said she felt okay.

So after cleaning her off, get a new shirt from the car, clean off the mini lake on the table, and all wash up, our food gets there. Addie says she’s feeling fine. But we only let her nibble at a piece. But afterwards she’s wanting to go play video games and such. All good, right? Right?

After a bath and pajamas on, she comes in the kitchen to ask for help finding a book….but her voice is shaky. “Why is your voice shaky?” “Well, I feel like something’s gonna come out, but I tried, and nothing would come out..” So I give a hasty “Let’s go go go !!” and we make it in time to deposit a little more in the toilet. The later on in the night a little in the trash can. Odd. But no fever or “feeling bad”.

No more signs from her except her appetite is a touch diminished.

But this morning I leave before the kids are up. The Wife calls me to tell me that Ella has puke all in her bed. She’d thrown up earlier this morning sometime. And it was all in her hair and stuff. Glad I wasn’t there. So the plan was for The Wife to bathe her and bring her by my office while The Wife teaches a class at the YMCA. But then another call saying Ella did it again.

So I go home and she’s in the tub smiling like a monkey. I finish the bath, get her dressed, do a few things around the house. During this time she eats a few Cheerios. But I stop her. Put her in the car, run back inside for something, go back out to the car to leave…and she’s thrown up all in her lap! YES! What a fun day.

Bath #3 of the morning and then we make it to my office. She has a few dry heaves and a little bile, but that’s it. But fine since then.

BUT….then The Wife starts feeling really tired. But she falls asleep on the couch after supper (pizza again). Then wakes up, rushes to our bathroom and loses it in there. Wow. Three for three so far.

I don’t feel bad or worried. But I’m hoping I don’t get this mess. Everyone in the house is asleep. So I’m going to turn on some Prison Break and watch some of it from bed…


  1. j-dub

    oh my freakin’ gosh dude… you watch prison break??

  2. g

    Hope everyone is feeling better!

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