Like I was saying....

An Afternoon Conversation

I’m watching the MSU @ USC basketball game when my six year old asks me a question.

Her: Hey, Daddy? When it’s time for Mama’s baby to get here, is her belly going to bust open?
Me: No, her belly won’t bust open.
Her: So how does the baby come out?
Me: Um, it…. I’ll let you ask your mom…


  1. Rick

    “Well, honey, the doctor will take these huge metal salad tongs, just like he did when you were born, and then…”

    “Mommy, Daddy’s telling fibs!!! How will the baby really come out??”


    “Hopefully, it will come out naturally.”

    “What is naturally?”

    “The way nature intended, part of God’s plan. You may ask Him.”

  3. jeremy

    you skirted the issue… chicken

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