So after a very mediocre season so far, the Dogs pulled off quite a while last weekend. I was at Addison’s final soccer game of the season when the game started. And since it was her last game, I had to attend a little picnic just after it. But as I was leaving, I got in the car and listened to the score. I was expecting to hear Bama slapping us around pretty hard. But it was 10-10. And Bama was kicking off. That means that we were winning.But as I drove home and had to stop off at the church, we scored TWO more touchdowns. One on a great TD pass by Henig, and the other on an INT return by Culberson. So now we’re up 24-10. And I get home and watch an awesome goal line stand.Fast forward through the 2nd half…Bama gets a couple of fieldgoals, but never an offensive TD in the game. State wins 24-16. And it seems we’ve regained some bounce in our step. We’re FAR from good. But I think the off week came at the best time in the world for us. It will give time to heal and mend. But the next 2 are crucial. We need a good showing in the Arkansas game and a spanking put on the Rebels over T’giving holidays. I think we can do it. Watch out, Rebels. Here we come.

But the biggest thing for us will be recruiting. If we can beat UMiss, then we’ll have major momentum going into the heart of recruiting season. And we desperately need some depth AND starters!