Now that we’re a month or two into the fall season and I’ve had the chance to watch a few television shows and figure out the ones that are in my Top List. I had to be careful about my viewership. If I was a man w/ not much to do I would watch more. There seems to be an absurd amount of good television shows on these days. But here is what I’m watching, in no particular order at all.

  • Heroes: It has taken a little while to be able to really get going w/ the actual plot because of having to introduce so many different characters. I guess it’s similar to LOST in that area. But it has started to pick up steam. But it’s interesting seeing the different “powers” and how they emerge.
  • LOST: It’s not a new show. But it still has me. Season 3 has focused on other areas and seems to be answering some questions while opening up even more. It’d have to take a major downward spiral for me to drop LOST at this point.
  • Studio 60: Great cast. Possibly the best writing on TV right now. Very witty humor. But it’s fighting rumors of a cancellation. NBC execs say it’s not being canceled and their sticking w/ it.
  • The NIN9: LOSTish drama about people who survived a 52 hour bank robbery. Great interpersonal stories that are always leaving you guessing what really happened.
  • Grey’s Anatomy: Hands down, this is the best show on television at making music such a part of the story telling. It has some great stories too. A bit too much sex though. But you see real character development.
  • Survivor: Sometimes I wonder if I’m still hanging around for no reason. But I have to admit that I’m still hooked.
  • Friday Night Lights: Looked like it could be cheesy, but it’s not just football. Probably wouldn’t mind if it was just football, but it’s got more. And it shows the pressure that a high school coach can be under too.

So there are 7 shows. A little under 5 hours of watching a week. That’s because I have to record all of them just about every week. Still using the old VCR hooked to my rabbit ears for tv reception. Works, but not like a charm. Maybe someday TiVo and digital cable will smile down upon me.