Like I was saying....

Back now….

Pulled in from Colorado last night. It was a fantastic trip. There were 39 of us in all, and everyone had a great time, even the kid who broke his wrist.

I started trying to keep a journal while I was there to put on here, but I only made one entry. The rest of the time I was either on the slopes, sitting on my can, eating, or playing cards or something like that. But when I get a few minutes here and there, I’ll try and post a commentary on the trip.

One note: I tried snowboarding. And I’m a quiter. But I’m a better skier than I remembered! And I’ve got lots of pics too!


  1. g

    Glad you enjoyed your trip! A quitter? Does that mean you limited the snowboarding in favor of more time to enjoy the skiing?

  2. steve

    Dude, sorry about the bulldogs. I was really pulling for them. Bummer, man. Glad your trip was good.

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