Like I was saying....

BigStuf here we come!

So now we’re at 3 or 4 days away from going to BigStuf….depending on how you’re counting. But we’re leaving on Saturday. This will be the TENTH summer in a row that I’ve taken a group down. That in and of itself should tell you how highly I think of this organization.

Our worship will be led by the BigStuf Band and Jared Herd and Louie Giglio will be doing the speaking. Jared is not known far and wide, but he knows how to bring it. I’ve been able to hear him a couple of times already at BigStuf and have never been disappointed. And this guy named Giglio…well let’s just say that he really knows how to bring it too.

From my experience, BigStuf is probably one of the, if not THE, best camp I’ve ever carried kids too. It provides the best combination of worship, teaching, and fun. The crew that puts this all together is very professional and wows me every time I’m there. Never been disappointed.

I used to want to keep it a secret because I didn’t want the summer to get to crowded. That was back when I fist started coming and they had only four weeks of camp in the summer. I could fax in my registration in April and pretty much get the week I wanted.

Now the have TEN weeks of camp and registration starts in OCTOBER! And things are mostly full by January! It’s grown. But it’s grown because it’s a quality camp experience and God’s blessed them for following after Him.

So…please pray for us while we’re gone. I’m going to try to do some updates while we’re away!


  1. jeremy

    awesome… BigStuf is greatness. Have an awesome time and enjoy the quality teaching, worship and time with the students.

  2. Blake

    Yeah. One of the huge pluses is that you’re free to spend lots of time w/ your students you bring. I might try to do some updates via video. No promises…but we’ll see.

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