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BigStuf07 Redux

Well, I’ve been back for 2 days now. And no posts. I’ve been catching up on life. We made it back Wednesday night and I went to be early for the first time in a week. Early being about 11. I was usually up to 1:30 or 3:00am at BigStuf…and wouldn’t trade it. But yesterday was catching up on receipts and budget stuff and some odds and ends at the office.

Today is a day just to be around. Went to the gym already. Now about to listen to MSU play Clemson in the Starkville Super Regional.

But…BigStuf. I  will give a day by day redux over the next couple of days.  But a few general observations:

  • Again, from my experiences there is not another camp around as good as BigStuf. They have the best organization, teaching, worship, and location to make a complete package.
  • The BigStuf interns are Godly college students that really make it happen. Whether it’s running tech, leading groups, managing the rec tournaments, or working in the store…they make it happen. And w/o them camp really just wouldn’t be possible.
  • Lanny Donoho‘s vision for camp is a good one
  • Brian Pirkle and Sheila Benton know how to organize and administrate. They are the backbone of BigStuf.
  • Barry stayed away…got cloudy a few times and saw a few drops. But no real showers, much less storms.
  • We carried 68 people and brought all of them back. There might have been a few I wanted to leave…just kidding.
  • The BigStuf Band was good as always.
  • I learned some new songs that are STUCK in my head. But it’s not a bad thing. More on them later.
  • I continue to be impressed w/ Jared Herd.
  • Louie Giglio‘s 2nd talk made me cry. Dude is a conduit for God. No doubt.
  • Our volleyball, basketball, and ultimate fris teams did well. Advanced far. But didn’t win it all. But it was the best showing we’d ever had.
  • Reggie Joiner has a very wise and strategic mind when it comes to ministry. His adult leader meetings were great.
  • Taking a charter bus is almost always the best way to go. Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Most def.
  • Maurice is the best bus driver ever.

That’s a quick overview. Will try to go day by day w/ the next posts.

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  1. j-dub

    cool… looking forward to hearing the reduxes… reduxi? Reduxese?


  2. Matt J

    Hey dude, bet you didn’t know that I read your blog, anyway I found you this spring somehow and have kept up. so the big question — bigstuff vs. Student Life. I like the SL Mission camp cause you get a taste of missions and a great camp experience.

  3. Blake

    Hey, Matt!
    No, I didn’t know you were keeping up w/ me here. But I’ll answer the StudentLife vs. BigStuf in a post. But will say that both are quality camps.

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