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So I’m all packed. I think everything is in order. Tomorrow morning I’ll wake up to my cell phone and grab a shower while it’s still dark. I’ll drive to the church and get there in time to unlock and begin to set up a few tables in the gym. I won’t doubt it if a couple of people beat me there. I plan on getting there around six and six thirty is our meeting time.

But after that…it’s wide open. The bus should get there a little before 6:30. Hopefully we can get everyone checked in, forms figured out, and prayed over before 7am. If it doesn’t happen…no huge deal. We scheduled in some cushion time.

But the anticipation is growing. I talked to Matthew Creekmore last night. He grew up in my old youth group. Now he’s a BigStuf Intern. He’s been setting up the stage area and all the bells and whistles down there. He says it’s very impressive. Can’t wait to see it.

I’m just hoping Barry is nice to us while we’re down there.

Oh, and I hope to give you some video!

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  1. g

    So, did you cop a fly hotel?

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