Like I was saying....

Black Friday

I watched the game last night.

Last weekend I was thinking UMiss would beat us by 50+. But then my faulty optimism gland released too much of it into my system again and I began to believe it wouldn’t be so bad. I expected UMiss to win, but I actually thought we might have a chance. MSU could play the spoiler and pull it off. Stupid optimism. Maybe I’ll learn one day. But at least it wasn’t 50+. It was only 31-0.

But now Sherrill is gone, and we’ll supposedly name a new coach in the next week. Some thought it was already going to be done. But my excitement over that is done for. I think just about anybody named will be both lauded and criticized. No matter who it is, this much is true. He has a heck of a job on his hands. The last two years Miss State has only won three games. That was worse than pitiful. But this year, this was the year we brought it out of the pits of despair. But alas, we only win two games. TWO FREAKING GAMES.!! Sheesh.

At least we still have basketball and baseball.


  1. Steve

    Bro, now's the time to jump on the TIGER bandwagon! We'll accept you with open arms. You have to root for us in the SEC championship game at least. C'mon, whaddaya say?

  2. jeremy

    LSU is in a conundrum now, and more proof that the BCS sucks… if they WIN the SEC championship by beating UG for the second time this year, they HURT their BCS ranking. Stupid…

  3. Steve

    Thank you. It makes no sense at all. Afterall, Georgia is ONLY ranked 5th in the nation. Crazy stuff. I'm petitioning for a playoff system. Another team getting screwed is Michigan. The BCS system sucks.

    Blake, looks like State got their coach. Congratulations! Hopefully you guys won't rebound too quickly. But I would like to see you guys become contenders again. It'll just bolster the already tough SEC.

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