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Bobby Bones has left Austin for Nashville

Bobby BonesSo Bobby Bones is leaving Austin for Nashville. And that probably means nothing to just about anyone in Mississippi!

Bobby Bones is the host of the Bobby Bones Show, a morning show out of Austin, TX. I came upon him a couple of years ago after looking for something to listen to when Kidd Kraddick was on a summer break. I had remembered Kidd poking fun at Bobby’s show once, and decided to check him out. Been listening ever since (thanks, Kidd Kraddick!)

I usually download the Bobby Bones podcast and listen while driving or exercising or sometimes before sleeping. The appeal of the show is that it really is like a group of friends hanging out on the radio talking about the world, news, and pop culture and making fun of each other. Bobby is the “every-man” who isn’t afraid to talk about personal stuff and doesn’t take himself too seriously. Amy is the most conservative of the crew and obvious about her faith, but easily keeps up with the guys in their banter. LunchBox is the self proclaimed “ladies man” who brags about an active night life that others are usually skeptical of. And Carlos splits time behind the board and on the mic, but is always good for classic one liners.

Bobby Bones Show Crew

Anyhow, they all dropped the bomb on their listeners last week when they, along with their producers Ray and Alana, announced they were moving to Nashville to become “the biggest country radio show in the country”. It was a surprise. But I’ll still try to listen even though I’m not much of a country fan.

I’m curious how the show will change. Because of course it will change some, right?

  • But hopefully we’ll get to hear how they are learning a new city and (to a degree) new culture in Nashville.
  • Will the “Name That Tune” game now be all country songs?
  • LB will have a new city to discover all his favorite night spots.
  • Will Bobby‘s girlfriend end up joining him in Nashville?
  • Will Amy‘s adoption plans take on new light in a new city?
  • Will she finally get to hang out with Taylor Swift?
  • Is Los really staying behind in Austin? Etc, etc.

Bobby Bones HeadshotThe appeal to the Bobby Bones Show was that it has always been so casual. They didn’t TRY to be funny or interesting. They just… are. I still catch Kidd Kraddick’s show occasionally. And I still like it; I do. But like a lot of morning radio shows they sometimes seem a little “forced” or like they’re trying to hard. Does that make sense? I can’t quite put my finger on it.  But the BBS just hung out and talked and made me laugh. And my favorite thing has to be the Name That Tune game (I once saved up a bunch of those on podcast to listen to during a 10k race.) I would so dominate that game!

Anyhow, the crew from The Bobby Bones Show is on a break for a week or two as they move and get situated in Nashville. I’ll be interested to see how their transition goes. And if they can bring along a non-country fan such as myself. But I expect the shift to be smooth.

Have you ever heard The Bobby Bones Show before? What did you think of him leaving for Nashville? Do you think anything will be different?


  1. alma

    I loved listening to The Bobby Bones show in the morning on my way to work. They would make me laugh. Now I got to find a different radio show to listen to. I am not a country music person, I am REALLY sad. Hopefully everything works out great for all of them.

    • Blake

      Will he still be on a station in your area? I’m not the biggest country fan either. But since I usually listen by way of podcast instead of actually on the radio it may not be as big of a shift for me. And of course there’s always the iHeart Radio app!

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