After running around Jackson yesterday for a few errands in a hurry (maybe that is an important word) I picked up my last item and was headed home. But at a stop sign just before getting on the Interstate I noticed the brake pedal went much lower than normal. Hmmm. So I make it up on the Interstate and think that I’ll need to get that checked out the next morning.

So I’m zooming through the mid afternoon traffic and decide I better test the brakes before I really get into a NEED sort of situation. So I just slowly press them..and press and press. Uh oh! So I need to pull over. The brakes are working, but minimally. So I’m thinking my trip home will be about 30 min through some other roads instead of 15 on the Interstate. Soon becomes apparent that I’m not making it home…I’ll end up hitting something.

So I have to pull over in the heart of JackTown and call for help. I was asking for any hints of a garrage on State Street that would do brake work that late in the afternoon. Thankfully Adam comes to tow me in on one of those car dollies. But hindsight tells me that since I was right there on State street, I could have left the car there, it would be stolen, the thief would have no brakes and wreck, then I’d get a new car! How awesome would that be?

But now I get to see how much reparing brakes on my hoopty ride will cost. Might determine that a new car is the order of business. But have you ever been going down I-55 with traffic all around and realized that your braking power is VERY minimal. NOT a good feeling.