Because of craziness revolving around commercial drivers’ licenses and new restrictions and hoops you have to jump through….for me to be able to drive a church bus I now need to take a new test AND get a physical.

Now I’ve not been to the doctor in quite a while. Can’t really remember the last visit. Back in Amory, if I was sick, I’d call a doctor friend and he’d call me in some meds at the pharmacy. And I’m thinking I’ve only had a physical done once before when I was a kid for my dad’s insurance or something. And I had to do one of those “turn your head and cough” deals. Really wasn’t looking forward to something like that.

But I did run into a snag. It was w/ my bloodpressure. They had to check it a few times to slip under what was allowable. Maybe it was lack of exercise lately. Maybe it was lack of sleep. Or too many cookies. Or mabye it’s hereditary. My dad has high blood pressure. Used to (might still) take meds for it. So I’ll have to keep an eye on it. My mom always tries to scare me, or warn me or something. She calls high blood pressure the “silent killer” because it can unknowingly kill you slowly or something like that. I’ll have to research it.