Like I was saying....


I’m not sure if it was the right decision or not. I’ll tell you in a few weeks.


  1. g

    …and the flag. Great!

  2. Lyle

    Here's the funny thing:

    For years State fans have made fun of Cut and said he was a terrible coach…yet they all say "I can't believe they let him go! Who do they think they are?"

    Also, State fans keep telling me "Well, as a State fan I wish he would have stayed at Ole Miss, Ha Ha!"

    Why would you State fans say this? No matter what else Cut did, he owned State. 4-2. State scored one touchdown in THREE YEARS ON CUT! And that one TD was meaningless.

    I'm a Pete Boone backer. Love the guy.

    Hotty Toddy.

  3. Blake

    I've never said I hope he stays, or that he's a horrible coach. If I'm honest I'll say that I wouldn't have wanted him as our coach. And yes, he went 4-2 vs. MSU, but did he beat us, or did we just suck that bad?

  4. Russ

    the flag and col reb i can deal with them getting rid of. here's my take on cutcliffe.
    i think this past year would've been probably one of the worst years ever if ole miss had kept cut. however, i don't think they'd be any better than 7-4. ole miss wanted a realistic chance at being competitive in the division. he'd only done that once in his six years.

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