Like I was saying....

Hello, again…

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything of any merit. Not saying that this will be of merit either, but it’s worth a shot.

Last Tuesday I drove down here to start my job. Wednesday and Thursday were whilrwinds of activity. Everyone showing me the ropes and whatnot. I was able to go back home for a brief weekend and then back down here. My step-mom’s mom actually rode w/ me. So I didn’t get to turn on the radio or talk any on the phone because she told me stories for 3 hours. Man that was a long trip. She has some family near here or something like that.

But Sunday was my first Sunday here. I spoke briefly at both services that morning. I actually expected to be nervous, but wasn’t at all. None. I was probably more nervous when I was back at my old church and speaking to the crowd than I was here. I felt wiped out in the afternoon, but rejuvinated w/ a mini-nap. Then the first youth group meeting of my new ministry. There were about 3 times as many folks there last night as I usually had at my old church. But again, no nervousness.

So I made it almost a week here now. Today was my first staff meeting. First prayer breakfast tomorrow. Still getting my feet wet. And it will be a while until I’m settled in.

Please pray for my house to sell.


  1. Russ

    hey man. i'm praying for the house. glad that the transition is at least starting to take place. hope it sells soon.

  2. shay

    praying, Blake.

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