Well, Jackie Sherrill has turned in his resignation. He’ll quit the ranks of college football after this season. He made his announcement Friday night, on the eve of the Auburn football game. I halfway wondered if it was to try and motivate the team. You know, we won two games in a row (the only 2 this year) and were going against a tough, but (what I thought at the time was a) beatable opponent. Well, let’s just say it didn’t work.

Auburn’s coached by a man who probably hates Sherrill more than anyone else in the SEC, even David Cutcliffe. Carnell Williams, AU’s RB, scored 6 touchdowns on us. Holy cow! The only good thing about the game was that I was able to say, “Well, it will a little different next year at least…” knowing that Sherrill was leaving.

I’m not a Jackie hater. He’s taken MSU to great heights. He’s raised expectations. He’s done more for us than any other coach. But it’s time for a change. But who will that be? Will it be a black guy? The SEC sure seems to want a black guy to be a head coach now.