Like I was saying....

We killed it..

When we moved into the house we now live in, one of my wife’s favorite things about it was the yard. The house had a huge side yard (actually it is an extra lot) that looked pretty nice. Mostly flat with grass except for the very back and side parts where there was a moss growing there under some trees. But apparently she really likes mowing and I thougth it would be a great place for her to mow our entire yard.

So we got a mower. We had to borrow one the first time or two when spring got here. But we went to Lowe’s and bought a good push mower (not self propelled) so my wife could mow the yard. I’d be glad to mow. But she enjoys it. So I would never want to take that enjoyment away from her.

So she mowed all last summer. Sometimes longways, sometimes short ways, sometimes diagonal, sometimes in squares. It usually all looked the same a day or two after the job was done. Then she mowed this summer too. It’s been a good mower except for the one wheel that I had to tighten all the time. Just the one…strange. But a few weeks ago she came inside and asked if I would help her crank the mower. She was mowing, but it quit on her and she couldn’t get it cranked again.

I went out there and couldn’t get it going. She said it had plenty of gas. Then I thought, “Uh-oh”. “Have you checked the oil?” Nope. Neither of us had. Since we’d gotten it. Two summers ago.

We ran that puppy dry, and it died because of it. It’s now dead.


  1. jeremy

    i did that to my dodge ram… it wasnt pretty

  2. Steve

    I can understand you not checking the oil, but Bev knows better. I'm surprised. Puzzled, even.

  3. Mike

    Give it a good burial.

  4. Rachel C

    I'm scared of ours dying… it just doesn't seem like something I'd like to spend money on buying!

  5. Blake

    We got a glimmer of hope today from the guy at Lowes. It might actually still be under warranty. But it's probably dead anyway.

    Steve…did you teach her better?

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