Like I was saying....

Busy weekend…

Our community’s Disciple Now is this weekend.

To me it’s always one of those weekends that can be lots of fun and lots of good can come out of it, but it’s also one of those weekends where you are so relieved when it’s finally over. If you don’t know exactly what it is, it’s basically a weekend long Bible study where you have some “small group” meetings in homes usually lead by college age or above young adults. I will break up all the kids in our youth group into those small groups. But there will be times when we all come together as a number of churches in our town are participating. Some times of corporate teaching/worship and some meals.

Last year’s was pretty much a success. Not a ‘blow you out of the water’ sort of deal, but a good time with potential for having a meaningful impact on the kids’ lives.

This week has been and will be kinda hectic leading up to the weekend. But I’m hoping that it’s not too crazy. But I ask that people lift up the weekend in their prayers if they think about it.


  1. Curt

    When I was 14 years old, a Disciple Now weekend changed my life. Actually, God changed my life, put me on track, gave me a reson to live, but He did it through a Disciple Now weekend. I'll be praying for you and your youth group.

  2. Blake

    Thanks, Curt. Much appreciated. We've got a speaker coming in that I've not heard before, but heard great things about him. And most of the kids are pretty pumped about it. I'm hoping it's a life chaning experience for everyone involved.

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