Like I was saying....

Bulldogs win again…

I walk outside this morning to a really wet and cold day. I’m going after the newspaper. I didn’t get one yesterday to read the previews of the big MSU vs. LSUx game. But after a nice win, I figure I’ll get a good story and read some quotes. As I wrestle with a little bundle of energy at the end of a thin green leash, I see that there’s no Sunday paper today either. No sports news. No coupons for The Wife. Dang!

But it was a good game yesterday anyway. Mississippi State, after losing on a last second shot to Kentucky last Thursday, invaded the Deaf Dome in Baton Rouge to jump out to a big lead (19 points), then let is slowly slip away, then end up winning by five. Tim Brando said we’re a Sweet Sixteen team at the minimum. I hope Tim’s right, but I’m not counting any chickens. But this team has potential. But they have to keep improving.

But we’re 3-1 in the SEC right now, 14-1 overall. The new rankings come out tomorrow night. How sweet would 15-0, 4-0 be right now? Man, don’t get me thinking about it. But the next best thing this season is that UMiss is terrible.


  1. g

    Let's just take pleasure in MSU's successes without taking the same in UM's failures. I am a UM fan who is happy to see MSU doing so well this season. Hope your team makes it to the Sweet Sixteen!

  2. jeremy

    and then UK turned around and lost to UGA (i think it was uga)… you guys had it in hand.

  3. Steve

    Why is it always "LSUx" instead of MSUx? After all, we are THE National Champs!

  4. Blake

    You'll notice that in any of the posts I had pertaining to football, I dropped the "x" from LSU. Yes, you are the National Champs according to one poll. And I think you'd beat SoCal in a matchup there. I have much respect for your football team.

    You basketball team deserves respect too. But we beat you there, so I can gloat for a little bit.

  5. Sally's friend


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