Meet Carlos…or Los.
He is a blogger that I think I first discovered either through Scott Hodge‘s blog or Anne Jackson. But he’s one that I check out pretty often. He’s got a unique outlook on stuff, usually humorous, really loves his family, and is a Mac guy too. He leads worship at his SoCal church with a passion and puts out a podcast once every few months.

But when I first started reading this guys stuff…he was in flight over to Korea to adopt his son. He posted daily video diaries of it and they were amazing! You have to check them out.

Anyway, on to my dream. A couple of weeks ago I had a dream w/ him in it. Nothing weird. But I went to his house to play ping-pong. Not sure if he’s ever mentioned ping-pong before on his blog. But that’s why I went. But he had some crappy paddles and a crappy table. So even though I beat him…I couldn’t dominate like I would have in real life…but still won.

I saw him on AIM and told him. He asked, “Did I kick your arse?” I replied, “Of course not!” So he said, “Then it was a dream…”