Like I was saying....

Wiped Out!

Last Friday night The Wife and I met my dad in Starkville.  We at supper with him at The Wife’s favorite restaurant, and then he took our girls with him back to his house. Yup, they were staying with the grandparents for a while!

So what did we do? Well, we immediately went to a Mississippi State baseball game (the Dogs won!) and enjoyed Dudy Noble Field with friends we met up with from Florida. Then we went home and did pretty much whatever we wanted. There was a lot of freedom there. It relaxed our schedules and let us meet out for lunch. We got some stuff done around the house, and I even watched too much of 24 – Season 3 on Saturday.

But even though we enjoyed some time just for us (heck yes we did!) we missed them. And they’re back now. And after the initial rush of hugs and showing us new stuff they have and all that, they crashed. I laid Ella down and she went right to sleep. Addie went to read some books on the couch to have some “rest time” and now she’s snoozing. They are wiped out.

But they’re home.

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  1. g

    The “Pack” is back.

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