Like I was saying....

Change change change

So after a week of not writing anything, lots has happened.

On Tuesday I get a call from what I think are middle eastern guys about my Tahoe. They want to drive 3 hours from Gasden, AL to see it. So they make it the next morning to Oxford. I meet them at the Office Depot parking lot. Turns out they’re not middle eastern but latino. I should recognize that. I’ve gone to Coasta Rica three times and Mexico once. None the less, they want it and buy it.

So we’re a one car family for a few days.

Then we enter into a whole new realm. As of Friday afternoon we are now a MINIVAN FAMILY. I never thought I’d be saying that. But we are. Now we can spread the kids out all over the place. And no one gets mad if they’re touching someone else. There’s even a small dvd monitor. I might let my wife drive and I’ll watch a movie with the kids.

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  1. Jennifer

    Welcome to the club! You will never go back. Being cool will never matter again!

    Jennifer´s last blog post..Chili Fest and the virus that never ends.

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