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Changes in the Church

Well, last Sunday was Bob‘s last Sunday. Now he’s headed to be a District Superintendent for the Starkville District. I guess if you gotta go somewhere, Starkville is a great place to go. So this Sunday will be an “off” day of sorts in the way of having a pastor, but then July 1st is Mitchell’s first Sunday here as our pastor.

We hate to see Bob leave. He was a great man to work both for and with. He’ll be missed. But I think Mitchell will be a great man to work for and with as well.

BUT…big news this week was that Tracy, the Associate Youth Minister that worked with me turned in her letter of resignation. So in the next couple of weeks I’ll be flying solo for a while. But I hope we’re able to get the position filled before school starts. I think that it would be important to have the two responsibilities divided between me and them Jr. High and Sr. High. The way things were with Tracy and me was that it was almost a complete overlap in most responsibilities.

Do you think it’s best to split responsibilities between Jr. High and Sr. High?

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  1. pat

    I think it’s helpful if you have two people who can each look after one area of the Student ministry, but I also think that it can be done – and quite well – by a youth director who really taps into the leadership potential of the youth they serve. Give them a vision to rally behind, be there to shape and guide them and turn them loose.

  2. g


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