Like I was saying....

A whole lot of stuff

Well, sad to say that I’ve been under cover lately, it seems. I’ve had TONS of stuff in my head. I’ve been reading, listening, praying, being quite, and all kinds of stuff. And through all that I think my head has been really crammed with stuff, but also quite clear too…if that makes any sense.

But since we last caught up, I’ve had a busy life:

  • Went to Camp Lake Stephens for Camp Rainbow just outside of Oxford. CLS is such a part of my own history and faith journey. God matured me in a lot of ways there, and even introduced me to my future wife there. The Wife and I were able to take a few high school students over to volunteer for the week. I think everyone should volunteer for Camp Rainbow at CLS at some point in their life (I did it for seven and want to go back sometime!)
  • Got to attend The Orchard Oxford while in town. A good friend, Pat Ward (I mentioned him here once before), is the pastor of this church plant. It’s being planted by The Orchard in Tupelo. The Wife and I have a good history with the church and its people. The pastor of the Tupelo church even married us.
  • Got to see many friends, some planned, some unexpected while there. Always good times.
  • My dad took our girls for the week! He lives about 30 minutes from CLS. So we had no kids for a week.
  • Therefore our Fourth of July consisted of sleeping late, playing tennis, then watching it rain the rest of the day and night.
  • Went back to get the girls and visit with family in town from Virginia. I saw cousins I’d not seen since nine years ago. That was pretty crazy, but really good. Everyone is grown and married now. I got their emails. Now I gotta make sure to keep up contacts with them.
  • Brought the girls home, then realized my dad has strep throat. And now Addie does too. Fun times!
  • It is so nice to get a few days break w/o the girls. But it’s so great to have them back.

So…did you miss me?

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  1. j-dub

    He Lives!

  2. Rick

    Now that you’re back among the living-ish – Tag, buddy.

  3. g

    I did / do. Hope Addie and your dad are feeling much better and that everyone else stays infection free.

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