I don´t really have any ground breaking revelations to share. But I am sitting in an internet cafe that is full. Some people had to wait to get a seat. I don´t know if most people in CR don´t have computers or what. But there are SIX internet cafes that I know of. And I´d bet that there are at least double that amount. All of those are w/in walking distance. I don´t think such a place would get good business in Clinton. And I´m not sure how they stay afloat here. An hour online is probably around $1 US money.

Today I did a lot of paiting…again. Yesterday was w/ a roller. I can handle that okay. But today was the tedious stuff. But I found a cd that was a Spanish version of the United We Stand cd by Hillsong United. Good stuff. Then we listened to DC*B and RelientK some. It did make the day go a little faster.

It rained a lot of the afternoon, but I was painting under a porch, so that wasn´t a good excuse to quit painting. In the church, there is a lot of progress being made I think. But there is LOTS more to be done with it as well. It is quite amazing what all has been done on it since we were here last year. And also what we´ve been able to do the last 2 days.

When the first trip from our Clinton church happened about 9 years ago, I think our mission team outnumbered the people at the church service. And last Sunday night there was around 200 there. So things have grown a lot. But a lot of those people were outside. With this new place, there will be room for a whole heck of a lot of people. It´s exciting.