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Ice Cream Shoppe

Before coming to the intenet cafe tonight, we stopped by the ice cream shop. I was being goofy w/ taking pictures. And there was this couple that were pretty well dressed but looked to be locals. I told Whitten, “Go stand by those people, I´ll take your picture.” He did, but it looked too awkward, so I didn´t take it. T

Then Utah said, “That guy is looking at you, Whitten.” Sure enough, he was. He kept looking at Whitten like he was a dummy. We were laughing. But then the guy says in perfect English, “We´re from California. We understand everything you are saying…”

Suffice to say we felt a little stupid. But we make up for it by talking to them for a while. They are just here on vacation. Been here for a month and a half already. Leaving Thursday. That sounds pretty awesome.

But now I´m kicking myself for us not actually getting a picture taken with them…

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  1. j-dub

    wow… i must say… that would feel really awkward

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