Like I was saying....

Costa Rica in THREE days!

The reality of things are just now starting to sink in. Tonight is Thursday night, July the 26th. On Sunday the 29th I leave to go back to Costa Rica for ten days. We’ll be working on the final stages of the church there in Liberia. I am so looking forward to the trip. Two years ago I was blown away by everything. The country. The people. The views. The love of the church. The culture. The city. The sense of something SO MUCH bigger than almost all of what I’ve experienced in life.

Last year The Wife was able to make the trip too. Now that was AMAZING. Being able to share so much of it with her without having to explain things with words that didn’t do the experience justice.

So as I prepare to go back, it’s bittersweet. The Wife will not be making the trip this time. But I’ll aim to make very frequent posts here on the blog, and intend to have some video posted (just like all the video I did from BigStuf…how’d you like all of those? heh heh)

But as we travel and work and love, I ask for your prayers. The people there of the Methodist church in Liberia are amazing people. I would love to be able to go for more than a week and a half…maybe for much longer. And maybe one day in my family’s life we might be able to do something like that.

God is so much bigger than the box it seems we try to put Him in so often.



  1. j-dub

    i can’t wait for the video updates throughout the 10 days!

    So, enjoy the trip and let the light of Christ shine in a broken area of the world. God Bless.

  2. Blake

    Yeah, won’t it be awesome! I’m not sure if I’ll try to do some updates w/ the little video camera in my point and shoot, w/ the iSight camera, or go full fledge w/ the MiniDV. The last one is the best quality for later usage, but takes more work to import and all that.

  3. g

    Even the area where I reside is broken in some, if not many, ways.

  4. g

    Broken area? My former housekeeper is from Liberia in Costa Rica and says Liberia (Isn’t that the capital?) is a wonderful place. It certainly looks nice in photos, but I’ve never been even close to that area.

  5. Blake

    San Jose is the capital, not Liberia. And I’m not sure of an area that’s not broken. But Costa Rica is very beautiful in terms of landscape and scenery. And while it’s not near the same level as the US in terms of economy, it’s probably one of the top Central American countries in those terms. There’s been lots of US Tourism money going into it the last few years.

  6. g

    Btw, have a great (and safe) trip!

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