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Group Dynamix

So, years ago I’d helped with a lock-in close to Dallas. And we went to play Whirly Ball for a late night activity. When I was planning a Destination Unknown (DX) for my youth group a few summers ago I thought of Whirly Ball. But Jaybrams recommended Group Dynamix right there in Dallas instead. Having never heard of it I did a little research on it. And it was awesome. So awesome that I went back last weekend for my 3rd DX.

Basically it’s a huge HUGE indoor ropes and challenge course. But they are experts in team building and initiative games. They would make a perfect event for youth groups, sports teams, OR adult corporate groups. But I think the best they have to offer is the lock-in, both for the experience AND for the price..

Our lock-in schedule was as follows.

  • 8pm to 11pm: Orientation and games on the floor. It could be team games, individual games, total group games, etc. All constructed to encourage communication and cooperation. Again, very well run and very fun as well.

  • 11pm to midnight: We had pizza delivered and had a bit of a break. LOTS of fluids were taken in at this point.

  • Midnight to 2am: Another orientation and then up to the upper ropes course. There were over a dozen “elements” to do. Some were fairly easy and some were very hard. But you were buddied up w/ someone else to make sure you were following the proper  safe guards as you traversed around the course.

  • 2am to 4am: The inflatables and general sports (ping pong, soccer, basketball) were set up. Also a movie on the HUGE wall was started up if you wanted to take a break. Also the laser tag course was being set up.

  • 4am until: Laser tag and then the Wii and XBox 360 games started. Most people played LaserTag, but as the games went on, people started dropping out. Most everyone had been up since at least before 5am. And many had been up all night since they went to get the new Harry Potter book at midnight Friday. So even Wii Sports and Guitar Hero II (360 style) lost battles to sleepiness.

  • 5:30ish: Most people finally crashed. Not everyone, but most.

  • 7:30: Everyone up to eat a few donuts, shower off in front of the sink and load up just after 8am to head home.

So…if you have the stamina or extra drivers to be able to drive to Dallas and back w/o a lot of sleep, I’d whole heartedly recommend Group Dynamix for a youth event. And the cost is very, very reasonable…especially when you realize you don not hav eto worry with paying for a hotel stay. (The best part of our trip was that the AC didn’t work in the back of the bus…

Call and ask for Andrea. Tell her Blake from Mississippi sent you. And ask for Caleb as your facilitator. You kids will have a great time and they’ll think you planned an awesome trip.

  • And don’t think that Whirly Ball isn’t good. Here are links to the Atlanta and Dallas Whirly Ball Courts.

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  1. j-dub

    you are welcome…

    if you go to Whirly Ball, go to the one in plano… otherwise your students may be solicited after their time on the whirly ball court is up… (i.e. – not the BEST area of town).

    also, if you go, and you tell me in advance, maybe i'll come hook up with you just for old times sake.

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