Like I was saying....

Costa Rica is calling my name

A couple of weeks ago I began looking through the folders on my office PC trying to find the video from the mission trip to Costa Rica. Couldn’t find them anywhere. After looking off and on and trying to find them throughout the network, I came to the conclusion that they were gone. How so, I dunno. But non existent anymore.

Thankfully I saved the actual tapes from way back when. I found those and started importing them to the MacBook Pro yesterday. I watched them off and on as I did it….and I’m convinced that I would leave tomorrow if i could to go back. The place is beautiful, yes. But it is full of beautiful people. People that welcome you w/ a love that’s bigger than ourselves and you worship and work and play along side each other. Plus the memories that we made with the people from our church here in Clinton is pretty amazing too.

I know not to count any chickens before they hatch, but I really hope and plan to go back this next summer.

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  1. g

    Ummm… the photo looks like you are at Blue Bluff.

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