Like I was saying....

Weather in Grandville, MI….BRRRRRRRRRR!

I’m pumped about going to Mars Hill in a couple of days. But I’m curious as to how I’m going to handle the weather. I’ve always done fairly well in Colorado. Yes, it’s cold. But it’s never really felt as cold as here in Mississippi when you compare the temperatures. But I’m not so sure the Grand Rapids area is going to be as dry as Colorado and the Rockies are.

Highs are about 30 degrees with the lows in the mid 20’s. But w/ the wind chill, you’d probably take about 10 degrees off of that. There will definitely be some snow while we’re there.

I keep going back to what it said in the FAQ of the conference…something about the weather in West Michigan in January not being for sissies. For that I might try to walk around in a tshirt and nylon breaker!

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  1. Sherry

    Welcome to West Michigan! Sorry we couldn’t give you a warmer reception. May the Lord bless you with great fellowship and a wonderful time in His Word.
    – Sherry from Jenison Bible Church

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