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Costa Rica

I’ve never been out of the country except to Mexico when I was a senior. That was quite a trip in itself. Maybe a Memory Lane post about it sometime.

But in a few days I’ll be leaving to go to Costa Rica for 9 days. Church here has gone the last 5 years. We’ll be building a church and doing some VBS. I’m really looking forward to the trip. And the people going. Get to further some relationships and invest in some new ones as well. But hopefully we’ll be used by God for His ministry down there.

I don’t want to take a mission trip just so I can go on a trip. Or do I? Do I need to really sit and pray and think on that? Even this trip to England I am prob going on next Spring…am I wanting to do it for the Mission aspect or for the “go to England” aspect? I really would like to visit (live) there for a while. So why not do some mission work there as well? Still have a lot of thinking to do on that regard.

But leaving the fam here for over a week will be hard I think. But we’ll be able to talk, US to Costa Rica. And hopefully I’ll be able to take pics and get them on a website quite easily. We’ll see.

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  1. jeremy


    enjoy the trip… do lots of good… enjoy the rain.

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