I´m in an internet cafe in Costa Rica. The keyboard is a touch different. But it´s been cool here so far. I mean literally cool. Not hot like I thought it would be. Today was lots of construction. Lots of buckets of wet concrete while standing on a board 4 stories up. Then lots of shoveling dirt and rocks over and over and over. Probably will be quite sore tomorrow.

Had church last night. Seemed kinda charasmatic. Didn´t hear any tongues though I don´t think. Of course they could be speaking in tongues and I´d miss it becaue I´m in a foreign land. But then the little guy (he was a dwarf…honestly) started in on some prosperity theology. Seemed kinda hokey, if you ask me.

Plane ride was okay. Only got about 15 min of sleep at all Tuesday night. So I was on fumes for a while. But all is good now. Will prob be sore tomorrow. But please be in prayer if you happen to read this. Just that we´ll be used by God for His purposes.