Like I was saying....

Daily Mug Shot

Have you seen this? I found it by coming across Lanny Donoho‘s twitter feed. After checking it out I decided to give it a whirl.

Basically Daily Mug Shot is where you can go once a day (and only once a day) to use your computers webcam (or you can import pictures) to take a picture of your face (your mug). After you do this daily for a while it will then loop all the pictures in a stream (or like a flip book) to where it can be pretty cool looking and funny.

Here is a link to Lanny’s. [Lanny is the guy behind BigStuf Camps and lots of other stuff that’s pretty cool. BigStuf impacted my life a lot. And a lot of kids I took to BigStuf camps too! You should go. Seriously.]

But I’ve got a ways to go before mine has enough pics to be worth looking at. But you should do it too.


  1. gee

    I saw the Daily Mug thing somewhere yesterday and thought of you.

    Like today's new look here.

  2. Justin

    I'm game.

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