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Three Free Books

So this week I got three free books. Looking forward to each of them.

The first one is Mad Church Disease. It was written by Anne Jackson. She grew up in the home of a pastor and has worked as a staff member of a church for quite a while. And she’s witnessed and experienced first hand the dangers of burnout related to ministry jobs. And in Mad Church Disease she explored those dangers and pitfalls closely. I was able to get this for free because I won the contest on the books Facebook page. I won it back in the fall of ’07. Seemed that it would take forever to get my prize. But it’s here now.

The next two were because of a gift card I’d received for my birthday. But I got Vintage Church by Mark Driscoll and Crazy Love by Frances Chan. Both came highly recommended.

Mark Driscoll is pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle. Interesting city. Interesting church. And it’s quite a conservative church when compared to the local culture of the Northwest. Mark Driscoll says somethings sometimes that really have rubbed some people the wrong way. But I usually appreciate the heart from which he communicates from. He can make you crack up now and then too. Vintage Church is his look at the Biblical model for church, how it is structured and effectively in action.

Crazy Love, by Francis Chan, is about what a life that is truly and passionately in love with Jesus would look like. How would that love affect the person and the way they lived their life. Francis is pastor of Cornerstone Church in Simi Valley, CA. Great communicator with a heart for the scriptures. I’ve heard him speak a time or two and get his podcast sometimes too. Check him out.

So..those are my new free books. Hopefully I’ll spend some time reading them soon. When I do I’ll give a quick review!


  1. Bryan

    Crazy Love is OK.

  2. Blake

    You've read it? Why was it only OK?

    • Bryan

      It was OK because it wasn't great. 🙂 Jami has the same opinion also. Have you read it yet? What was your opinion?

  3. jeremy

    hey, your comments work here… weird my work blocks them…

    anyway, i woke up this morning thinking about Mad Church Disease… but i dont remember what i was going to say though because it's been like 10 hours since i first tried to comment… or something.

  4. anne jackson

    hope you love it. you earned it!!! 🙂
    after you read it, can you post a review on amazon?
    gracias amigo.
    and i hearted crazy love.
    just got the dvds in today.

  5. Bryan Trochessett

    I like your comments

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